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    attach a drawing to another drawing

    Ronnie Smith

      I need to maintain a master data drawing and attach it to machining drawings, is this possible?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          You can copy sheets from one drawing and paste them in another, and they will each maintain their links to the model, but other than that the two drawings will not be linked to each other.  Does that answer your question?

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            Kevin Chandler



            By "attaching" it, do you want the master sheet to be (part/dwg) numbered the same as the other machining sheets? (it's better to have a "drawing set" consist of one number, especially if it's incorporated into the sheet count)

            If so, then you'll need to link the master's number to the underlying machining number.

                 For new drawings, create/modify your drawing template with the master sheet in it (later sheets can use a different sheet format, if required).

                      Then it will be there when populating the machining sheets.

                 For existing drawings, it's as Mr. Schroeder states.


            If not, then I suggest you keep the master as its own number and have the machining drawings reference the master by note under its number.

                     For distribution/routing in PDF format, you can add the master drawing PDF to the machining PDF so the routing is one file.





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              Rolando Garza

              I'm also a bit confused as to what exactly you are trying to do.(and i'm wondering what you PDM setup is.)


              But, if you are just trying to make it easy to reach the Master drawing from the Machining drawing:

              • Create an annotation on the Machining drawing.
              • Use the hyperlink option to make the annotation a hyperlink to the Master drawing(URL path can be absolute or relative)


              A little less ......"intrusive"(can't find the correct word for this)..... is to use the Comment feature instead.

              That would make much more of an FYI.

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                John Stoltzfus

                Here I use multiple sheet drawings and my main drawing template has has 20 pages and 8 different page styles, listed as,


                ECR Cover (1 page)

                ECN Cover (1 page)

                Assembly Summary (1 page)

                Parts Summary(2 pages if needed most project I just need one so I delete this page)

                Assembly Notes (1 page but have another format in case I run out of rows for my comments, there are projects with 2 pages)

                Assembly Drawing #1 (2 pages)

                Assembly Drawing #2 (2 pages)

                Part Drawing  (10 pages)


                I just add additional drawings as I need them or delete what I don't need..


                The only thing is going this way you need to run a macro to rename all the sheets starting at the first "Drawing Tab", you don't want the cover pages listed in the SHEET 1 of 40 etc...

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                  Ed Cyganik

                  Besides the suggestions from others, you could create your master drawing with hyperlinks to your machining drawings.

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                    Ronnie Smith

                    For example:

                    In autocad we have multiple machined worm shafts that use the same gear data, so by maintaining a "master worm data" drawing and attaching it to multiple prints the original data stays true no matter the shaft change. It prevents any error across multiple parts and allows the machine drawing to be printed with the data on it directly. Unfortunately hyper links will not work for our system.