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Tabs controlled by variable for folder data card

Question asked by Joe Shigenaga on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by Joe Shigenaga

Hello everyone,


I have configured a template (add new vessel folder) that create a vessel folder included several folders as below:

I also configured 2 others template (add new portcall and add new technical stop) that create like project folder in Portcalls and Technical Stop folder :


And I would like to use different folder data card in those folders (portcalls and technical stop).


I guess I have to use tab controlled by variable in the parent folder data card but i don't understand how to configure it.


When I create a new portcall folder using the template, I have the same folder data card as parent folder.


Here how I configured it:


I have created tabs in parent folder data card


and checked controlled by variable (called AFF_CONTROL_VESSEL)


In the template settings i have set up variables like this:


But i have the same folder card for all folders. Actually I don't get how it works so i just tried some random settings.


Can someone helps me ?


Thank you in advance,