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Top down design kinematics

Question asked by Alex Rad on Feb 10, 2016

Hello everyone,


       I am fairly new to SolidWorks and I am currently working on understanding top-down modeling.I will ask my questions through an example. I have to build the sheet metal interior panels of an elevator and the sliding door panels as well. What I did so far is to create a sketch (ReferenceSkectch.SLDPRT) that basically holds all the panels' dimensions, positions and relations between each other and then I created every part(panel) by first inserting "ReferenceSketch.SLDPRT" so I can control everything from that one sketch.


      The problem is that I want to represent how the door panels actually move (they should slide together in a mirror type motion - like a path mate). My question is if I can add this type of movement through the same reference sketch so I can control all the assembly components from one sketch.


     I tried making the elevator panels one sketch block and a door panel another sketch block, mirror the door panel block and make them slide on a path. But when I create the assembly, the driving sketch (ReferenceSketch.SLDPRT) is "frozen". I can only move the doors by returning to the sketch, edit the sketch, reposition the doors, exit the ReferenceSketch, and then the assembly rebuilds with the updated position of the doors. This is NOT what I am looking for, since I want to be able to move the doors in "real time" (just like a mate).


     That being said, can you please tell me if this is possible? It would be great if it could be done without using sketch blocks since the elevator panels and the door panels have relations between each other (e.g. a door panel = door opening / 2, etc.).


     I hope I could make myself understood.