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Structural steel dimensions where to get them

Question asked by Bob Bortignon on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Bob Bortignon

I'm looking for the dimensions to edit the .SLDLFP files to
make a complete library of all the different shapes of inch structural steel.

In the Solidworks forum I found a good reference for metric
shapes but I'm having a hard time finding inch dimensions to get the weight per
foot to match the steel catalogs.

I'm currently drawing the S or I beam what ever you like to
call it, I can't find a good web site or PDF catalog that gives me to correct
fillet, radii & angles to make the correct sketch so when it is extruded to
12 inches the weight matches the steel catalogs.

When I get to the C channels, W beams & angles I will
have the same problems square and rectangular tubing will be less of a problem
to match the weight per foot but a good reference for those would be nice. I
call a few steel suppliers Ryerson & Alro and was told they don't have that
information and that they where never asked that question, what do architects use
when design buildings?