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    hole callout primary value

    Ben Galili



      So solidworks doesn't make sense (again)...


      I have a hole (cut extrude) and after it a chamfer. (not using the hole wizard)


      in the drawing hole callout, when I try to insert a tolerance to the dimension, it automaticly chooses the chamfer diameter.


      as seen in the attached Pic, this is because from some weird reason the chamfer diameter is the default primary value of the callout.  and its greyed out so I cant change it.


      any workarounds or solutions?



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          Matthew G. Phaneuf

          Hey Ben;

          here we are approx 2+ years later - did you ever get a solution?
          we're experiencing the exact issue as you were. As an added bonus, I resolved it with a couple of "tweaks", but my coworker cannot. I am working on a R/O version of the checked in drawing, based on a checked in part and assembly. My coworker has everything owned and checked out. In other words, he can't fix the MASTER document from the Vault, and I can. What did I do? WTF knows......

          I did pull the view in from the PART (top view) , not the ASSEMBLY (bottom view), because the hole callout originates from the part (not the assembly) Make sense? Also, I tried both holes, and we'll use the one I could successfully callout. Once I placed it, I noticed that although they are both called "Dimension", I had options for "Callout" in one of them, not in the other.

          If you need more specifics, or more info, just email me.

          If you've moved on from this, my apologies.