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    Any thoughts on PDM Pro 2016?

    Mike Sveda

      I'm hoping to upgrade to SW PDM Pro 2016 SP2.  Any issues with 2016?     Now do we start calling EPDM PDMP now?

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          Faur Arama

          I start testing about a month ago and till now I don't find any issues with the exception of the new functionality "set revision" that can't be used if you have a revision that have two revision number components.


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            Martin Solem

            Hi Mike,


            I have installed SP0 (which has the Bonjour issue), SP0.1 and SP1. My impression is good, but a couple of problems have repeated themselves.

            • Preview in Windows Explorer
              • In general: just reinstall eDrawings
              • PDFs: make sure you use the latest version of Acrobat XI or DC, and follow instructions in S-066423.


            • Office Add-in
              • May have to be manually installed. S-067213
              • Maybe some issues with Office 365, Office 2016 (not verified, could be client related)


            None of these are show-stoppers, as far as i am concerned. And yes, i have started calling it PDMP :-)