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How to make a complex Toolbox part number using Excel?

Question asked by Alex Lichon on Feb 9, 2016
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Calling all Excel Experts!!!

I am kind of a newbie when it comes to using Excel. I only know basic functions and equations. We recently started a new system for numbering for our fasteners. I was given the fantastic task of organizing the Toolbox. I started with export the data of the Hex Bolt to Excel and started filling in information for our custom properties. This is all working fine and dandy...however it has taken be an entire day just to do the Hex Bolt. Is there a more complex function that I can use to for the values in the Part Number column J of Sheet 1? I would like to reference information on Sheet 2 and develop the corresponding part number. Attached is the Excel file. I hope the numbering system is straight forward. Anything that would help create the part numbers more quickly and that I could possibly just drag down instead of having to manually change various variables within the equation for different sizes. Thank you for your help and ideas!