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    3D Cross highlight with feature dimensions

    Alessandro Tornincasa


      MBD has a very useful feature which supplies cross highlighting between PMI annotations and 3D model geometry.

      This works with DimXpert Dimensions.

      I've been testing some models (like attached one) and it seems it doesn't work with feature dimensions.

      So does it work only with DimXpert dimensions ?




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          Oboe Wu

          Thanks for the post, Alex.

          Cross highlighting depends on how a 3D PMI is created.

          • DimXpert is created by identifying and associating features, so cross highlighting with features works well.
          • Reference Dimension works in similar way.
          • Feature dimension currently doesn't, but it would be a nice enhancement in the future.
          • Sketch dimension is trickier as it's created before features, so may not know correct feature information to highlight.


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              Alessandro Tornincasa

              Thank you Oboe,

              it's very interesting to know.

              By getting more expert at creating and managing annotation views and 3D views, I've noticed that on simple parts there are some functionalities, some "hidden gems" that allow you to use all of your modeling dimensions to build your 3D views.

              So in many cases there wouldn't even be the need to use DimXpert and you could resuse sketch and feature dimensions where maybe you've already put your dimensional tolerances.


              You can quickly publish a 3D PDF for the wokshop, but according to your comment, this has a disadvantage which is not being able to have crosshighlighting.


              Therefore I have to conclude that even on simple parts it's always worth using DimXpert since it will quickly annotate your part (including geometric tolerances) and give you crosshighlighting.