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Recursing UP an Assembly from a Drawing Component

Question asked by John Howell on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2016 by Mike Spens

Hello all.


Within the context of a VB.NET AddIn, I'm trying to find the upper level owning assembly via a Drawing Component. This is for a custom Item Bubbler I'm building (due to the nature of our data, we can not use SolidWorks BOM functionality).


For example, a user may click a part way down the tree when inserting an Item Bubble. What I want to do is get the owning assembly of that component, possibly up several levels, that is one under the child of the drawing - e.g., the Item that would be on that BOM.


I first get the DrawingComponent the user selected, then the model Component of that DrawingComponent via DrawingComponent.Component. Easy enough.


I then get the Parent Component of that model Component via Component.GetParent. Easy enough.


Where I run into problems is getting the Parent of that Parent Component - it always comes back empty, even though there are several layers to the upper level assembly.


Is there a fundamental issue using .GetParent to traverse UP an Assembly? Possibly an issue due to the fact I'm in a drawing and starting with the Drawing Component?


Any other ideas and/or a different approach?


Thank you for any help.