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Feel like a plebeian

Question asked by Ryan McVay on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Albert Griego

Sorry, I'm in hate SW mood this morning- I'm sure you all can relate to this feeling- and I'm in an anti-establishment mood (associating DS and SW as establishment and I'm the poor plebeians!)



I originally wrote this comment on a different thread/question and figured that if I posted it would hijack the thread. Honestly, I don't think the user is going to get an acceptable answer to his/her being the polite guy I am here's my response/rant.


These are the types of things that drive me crazy, as a user who has to rely on my software to be consistent, this software appears to have so many quirks that it truly earns the titles of SolidAlmostWorks and SolidQuirks really hold true. Sorry folks I'm just getting really tired of people making excuses for software that appears to hold the #1 spot for mid-range CAD but the company isn't addressing some of the core issues user have and not developing (internally without purchasing something) new functionality that actually improves the design process. We are still stuck in a complete history-based system that relies on a magical "ctrl+q" keyboard function to actually get our parts to properly rebuild! (Let's not mention that this function isn't even important enough to get an icon on a toolbar or menu selection! What? Isn't this the most important function in the entire program? Doesn't it ensure the integrity of my design and 3D data that is being leveraged throughout the enterprise!) Next, the icon we do have on our toolbar is ctrl+b (rebuild) is a hack attempt to calm the masses about regeneration times! Then to top things off lets take all the design validation and regeneration options and bury them across the System options and let's call them all "new" functions. And don't even get me started on the useless undo function. Honestly that is the worst implementation of an undo list I have ever had to endure. Here's a typical answer that DS/SW provides



"Question: A model used to rebuild correctly in an earlier SolidWorks version.  Why do new rebuild errors occur, after upgrading to a later version of SolidWorks, on features that rebuilt correctly in a previous version?

Answer: Such errors rarely occur for the following reasons:  The feature that was created in an earlier version of SolidWorks was invalid to begin with and it has only started being flagged in the later version of SolidWorks after an error checking enhancement has been made.  The feature could have also become corrupted.  There has been a regression in the SolidWorks code.


To work around the issue, delete and recreate the feature that causes the rebuild error.  If the issue is still reproducible and it is a suspected regression, please submit it to Technical Support.  Submit the original model with the new rebuild errors."



If I got these types of answers from a supplier I'd be suing them for fraud! Unfortunately software companies cover their arse with MLAs to cover crap like this!