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    Weird graphic error in 2014 compared to 2010

    Patrik Radacic

      Hi! I have used 2010 for quite many years and visually looked good. Not long ago the company upgraded to 2014 and I see a very big difference in 3d viewport when it comes to line rendering. As far as I know we have not touched drivers etc so the only difference is the solidworks version. It looks really ugly now in 3d. I tried changing the display driver to quality instead of performance. I changed every single option I could find in solidworks when it comes to image quality but nothing comes near the 2010 version. It as even faster at that time I believe when it comes to rotating view etc.


      Any ideas to what it could be? Someone said the changed the renderer in 3d viewport but should it really become slower and uglier then?


      PS. the graphic card we are using is NVIDIA Quadro K1100M



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          Scott Ellery

          First thing I would do is check for a Driver update for your current version of SolidWorks, you mentioned that you upgraded to SW2014 but didn't touch the graphics driver, there are often different approved driver versions for different releases of SolidWorks


          you can check in the SolidWorks RX utility (found under your start menu) under the Diagnostics Tab


          If that is all up to date then It looks like you have a difference in your image quality ( Options > Document Properties > Image Quality)


          keep in mind if this is adjusted up you model may look cleaner but it will increase file size significantly, furthermore if you want to maintain the same image quality you will have to save out the part template as it is a document property not a system property.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            You should also check the anti-aliasing settings in the system options and nvidia control panel.


            Can you post the part for testing on different systems?

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              Andy Sanders

              The difference between Anti-Aliased and not on my system (Solidworks 2015, SP5, AMD Firepro V4800, current SW driver)

              Click on the image to see the difference clearer.  The thumbnail looks smoother than it really is.





              NOT Anti-Aliased:



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                  Patrik Radacic

                  This is the setting I maxed. As stated before. I think I really maxed every setting I could think of. I still wonder if there is any thing going on with the internal renderer. Like they went from openGL to directX or something else. All my edges in for example sketch mode are "bleeding" so there is like a small cros where there is a edge


                  The thing is when I open one of the old files it first looks really good then immediatly it nags about mmissing material. After accepting this error it opens up the model fully in 2014 and then instantly becomes less nice looking


                  There is also another setting I tried and that is OPTIONS - PERFORMANCE


                  Curvature generation, Level of detail etc