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Cannot connect to activation server

Question asked by Umberto Zanola on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Umberto Zanola

I repost here my problem posts as it is the right place.


I have downloaded Visualize 2016, but when I try to activate it with my S/N (SNL based) a nice "Computer cannot connect to visualize licensing server" appears.


Just in case it is a internet access problem I would like to state that


- company proxy with authentication is MANDATORY

- I can update the software without problems from my workstation

- I can connect to the forums from within SW with the add in



So if it is a network related problem, dear DS, could you just provide a UNIQUE AND COHERENT way for our workstations to connect to your servers?

DS is a big company and they SHOULD know that big organizations, like the one I'm working at, don't allow single users to access the web without restrictions, let alone workstation that handle sensitive data. In my previous job, a small company we where more strict and NO one was allowed Internet connection, only a dedicated PC shared by all engineers.キャプチャ.JPG

Obviously I pushed active button after writing my serial, just deleted to post here.

Like this since I downloaded the software.