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Sheet Metal Part / Boss-Extrude not working - Could someone please take a look?

Question asked by Ian Woodward on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Kevin Chandler

I have been sent a part from a company we work with and it's acting in a weird manner.


It's a simple enough part and although it flattens just fine it will not let me 'unfold' - when I try to unfold the part I get the error message "the selected entity does not belong to the sheet metal body" - I know which feature is causing this issue and I can work around it but I can't work out why it's doing it.


This seems to effect the flat pattern in the drawing view because although it flattens just fine it will not show up all bend notes.


Sorry for the lack of information but I'm unable to post any more information publicly. If anyone feels they can help please message me directly.