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Why aren't my drawing dimensions selecting the correct lines?

Question asked by Brian Williams on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Greg Hynd

Good Afternoon,

I've encountered this issue a few times: in some drawing views, the dimensions are not aligned with the model.


Mostly, this happens when I'm detailing a multi-body weldment using a cutlist.  It doesn't always happen and it isn't consistent enough for me to figure out the reason.  I am including some screenshots of the issue at hand.  In one picture you will see the lines selected and how off the dimension is... In the other picture you will see items 6 and 8 are similar and only item 6's views have the issue.


In the weldment model, all three items in the picture are aligned horizontally between vertical uprights.  All three items were created by solidworks as part of the structural members feature and were originally the exact same line.  Solidworks automatically created the items with cutouts for the vertical uprights.  I'm not sure where the issue resides, in the model or the drawing.


I have tried deleting the drawing view and creating it again, but the same issue has occurred.  (There have been times where I have to repeat the same action multiple times before solidworks accepts it... could this be one of those times?)


Any insight would help, thanks.



****UPDATE (2/9/2016)****

I have found a way to dimension it correctly, though it doesn't eliminate the problem.  I can select the endpoints instead of the edges, and the dimensions are correct.