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Sheet metal converting

Question asked by mike english on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by zaher taleb

So i'm not real familiar with sheet metal other than simple one or two bend pieces.  Here I have created a model using thin extrudes, patterns and cuts and now have come to the conclusion that i will need to make separate pieces and spot weld them together. So i need to convert the model into sheet metal and a few pieces along with eventually adding some flanges to a few of the pieces.


The attached file is before any sheet metal procedure has been applied.


I tried to use 'convert to sheet metal' and checked the 'keep body' box in order to keep the rest of the model intact.  But my first issue is shown in the attached image where I have the original extrude still showing with the converted sheet metal seemingly overlaying it.  How do I fix that for one.  Second, is this really the best approach for a sheet metal part keeping in mind I had no idea how my part was going to look when i just kept evolving.


Thanks for any help.