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    Add user defined data to "calloutformat"?

    Dave Paul



      Is it possible to add a new user defined variable to the calloutformat file?

      For instance: Add "<hw-bcdia>" to the variables so that I can add the Circular Pattern diameter to a callout.


      If this is possible - how do I pass the new variable's "data" to the hole callout command?


      Thank you for your help,


        • Re: Add user defined data to "calloutformat"?
          Gary Blenkhorn

          I don't see how this is possible because the circle pattern diameter is specific to the pattern and not the hole.  The callout format file only contains data for the hole.  I think your only option is to dimension the diameter although you may be able to force it into the display tree on your screen when entering the "holecallout" (manually type it into the hole data.   But I really don't see how you can make it automatic where the data required is coming from a different source (the pattern) than the hole.