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Not impressed with performance, what to do?

Question asked by michael aksenberg on Oct 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2008 by Ben Victory
i have purchased a "newish" workstation, which runs with a dualXeon
3.0 cpu, windows XP SP2, 2gb memory.The testing part (punch holder)
i used, was the one from this thread
have a redraw time of about 300 secs, and i find it a bit (actually
alot)too slow.I have tried to disable the hyperthreading in the
bios, so that windowsonly can see two cpu's, and i ends up with
some 302 secs wasted in redrawing timeIf i enable the
hyperthreading, i ends up with 310 secs wasted 

Apparently it's not the harddrive (10K scsi disks) speed there's
the problem, as SW doesn'tuse them during redrawing (not much
atleast, i can't see if it's windowsor SW who is acessing the disks
a little bit from time to time)I get the same results redraw
results, whenever i'm using SW 2007(sp4) or 2008.Does anyone have
any ideas of how to cut off seconds in wasted time??Tia.Michael