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    Get displayed value of custom property in VBA Macro

    Pieter Jan Van Der Stoel

      I want to create a macro which exports the drawing as PDF, in the format: drawing name + title + date.


      I created a macro which does exactly what I want when I enter a value for `title`. However in this project I want the `title` to be equal to the part name. Therefore I use this code for the `title` value:


      $PRPSHEET:"SW-File Name(File Name)"


      The drawing sheet displays `Title` just fine. However the macro does not work. My macro does not convert this code to the part name. I cannot figure out why. Any tips?


      This is how I get the title:



          Dim swCustProp As CustomPropertyManager


          Function FormatFileLocation() As String


          Dim Title As String

          Dim bool As Boolean

          Dim val As String


          bool = swCustProp.Get4("title", True, val, Title) 'title is the name of the

                                                                                     'property and has the value: $PRPSHEET:"SW-File Name(File Name)"

          end function


      I tried using both `Title` and `val`, but both give the same faulty result.