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FEA problem - Need help with simulation

Question asked by Vegard Tveit on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by Kelly Rondeau




I am currently sitting with a model of a robot i am planing to build for a project at school. It has been a while since i have used SolidWorks and i have never really used the FEA part.


I am trying to simulate stresses and the deflection when a force of 500N is applied to the tool part of the robot. But i keep getting errors in SolidWorks when running the simulation. I know that something is not properly defined and would like if someone with some knowledge in the field could give some guidelines/tips on how i can get this simulation running?


I have made a version with the tool modeled up very basic and one that is close to what we want (without the belt system and motor)


If the links doesn't work, the SW files are attached in zip files.


Every tip will be greatly accepted as I learn more and more.