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Equation not updating

Question asked by Gabriele Giorgini on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Gabriele Giorgini

Hi, I'm having some troubles with solidworks equations at work. We have 5 workstations, all with Sw2015sp3 some premium some professional, a few laptops with the 2015sp5 version.

I started rebuilding the company library and so I thought it was useful to make the screw from scratch with the dimensional data from our suppliers. I made them with multiple configurations for the length of the screw, with an equation to drive it so it was faster to modify it. I know I should have used the configuration table but not all the guys would know how to handle such file afterwards.


Anyway, huge problem...  no matter what ctrl+b or ctrl+q i hit, sometimes the screw is not rebuilding correctly and as you can see from the attached file even if I set "H" to be 20mm, D2@sketch4 is still returning 6mm. It's a huge problem because in the drawings the length would be dimensioned wrongly.


Less important is the length of the cosmetic thread.. in this screw it should be 20mm... I set it up to be blind for 20mm on the longest screw and so it's automatically reduced to the total length of the screw when H is less than 20. This is not working, depending on the day, sometimes it works, sometimes the cosmetic thread function crashes and it's blind for only 0.000011mm


Any help is much appreciated.