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File not going in category

Question asked by Elaine Nelson on Feb 8, 2016
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I have a template card that I need certain fields be filled in before the user can check the file in.


To do this I have made a category with conditions requiring values in these fields.


One of these fields is a date which I am requiring be later than the current date. I my condition for the date I set the argument to greater than and in the drop down calendar I clicked on "Today:..." at the bottom. The date shown in the argument stays as the date I set it up on but it does seem to go by the actual current date and not the date shown.




Everything works fine except for one thing with the date.


Say the current date is 2/7. When I fill in the template card I can put in 2/8 or later. Say I put in 2/10. When I try to check it in it tells me it does not meet the conditions of the category. To get it to work I have to change the date and then change it back to 2/10. It will then check in fine.


Here are the setting of the date control.




Can anyone tell me what I have to do to get it to check in without having to change the date?