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Serious Cosmetic Thread Bug in SOLIDWORKS 2016

Discussion created by Jim Sculley on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Jim Sculley

Attached is a new model created in SW 2016 SP1.  It is a simple extrude with a cut extrude through it that has a cosmetic thread applied.  There are two configurations, A and B.  Each configuration has a different diameter for the cut extrude diameter and the cosmetic thread diameter.  When you first open it all is well.  When you switch configurations, the cosmetic thread updates as expected.  To see the bug, proceed as follows:


  1. Activate configuration A
  2. Expand Cut-Extrude1 and edit the definition of Cosmetic Thread1.  Note that the Property Manager says that the threads are #4-40, which is actually incorrect.
  3. Click Cancel in the Property Manager
  4. Activate configuration B


Notice that there is now a rebuild error for the cosmetic thread.  If you look at the What's Wrong for the Cut-Extrude1 feature, it says that the cosmetic thread diameter is smaller than the hole diameter.  If you select the cosmetic thread, you will see that the diameter is 0.0505 instead of the expected value of .112. Keep in mind nothing was changed in step 2.


This bug showed up in an old model of a hex locknut in our hardware library.  It has been used in about 100 assemblies with no problems until we upgraded to 2016.  I can actually get the previous version from EPDM and it behaves fine in SW2015 but fails in SW2016, so it is definitely a problem with SW 2016 and not the file itself.


I've submitted this to my VAR and will post the SPR when it is assigned.