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Pack and go not working. Error: could not load sldshellutils.

Question asked by Hadi Al-Jumaie on Feb 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Hadi Al-Jumaie



I am am having issues with pack and go not loading.


Click in the explorer and i get  " Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL: sldshellutils. "


details: Student Version 2015-2016


I found only one answered post in the forum.  It said that the problem may come from a conflict with a MS update.


I click the link to fix the registry (im guessing) and the forum gives me this "Your Customer Portal account has not yet been activated. Please close all browsers and click on the link provided in the registration email."


so.... im having a hard time. In the past I had a similar "fail the moment i click in the explorer"  issues with photoview 360. I found a bunch of answers that didnt work.  I found out my dedicated GPU needed to have photoview 360 assigned to it (independent of SW, which was already assigned to it).


Please help.  (pack and go is kinda helpful when you are required to turn in assignments)