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Simple Thermal Analysis

Discussion created by Joaquin Bascon on Feb 6, 2016
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Hi everyone!


I'm having a simple variable over time thermal analysis which consist in one Al cylinder with a cool focal point at its bottom. I have added natural convection due to air (10w/m^2k and 293k) at the top and lateral faces, a cool point at its bottom (263k) and initial ambiental temperature in all its faces (293k)


I don't know what's the mistake as the results aren't coherent because Solidworks shows that after 120s the temperature at the top is 238k. I insert a photo.


Beforehand thank you very much!




Siavash Khajehhasani:

Hi Joaquin,

I forgot to mention it at the beginning that the initial temperature has to be specified for the whole solid body and not at the faces. Accordingly, please modify the initial temperature setup and if you have any issue to select the solid body use Filters (F5).

Please let me know if you find this helpful.