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How do I best create electrodes from a part model, then have them update automatically as the customer makes revisions to the base model?

Question asked by David Sharpe on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Matt Wallace

We are currently running SolidWorks Premium 2015 X64, SP 0.0


The plastic mold design industry sees many part revisions to the customer models which can cost time and money.


My goals are as follows.


1) Utilize the customers model after shrinkage is applied to generate electrodes that remain parametrically linked to the base model.

2) Have these same electrodes place their named view coordinate systems into the cavity shape in the tool steel when inserting a cavity function through SolidWorks. at the correct X, Y, and Z locations.

3) Be able to update the base model as revisions come in from the customers by simply replacing the base model in my assemblies and have all electrodes, and toll steel models update automatically.

4) Be able to incorporate this functionality into all new designs as we move forward.


Any advice, methods used currently, input, and or help are greatly appreciated.