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Assemblies, where do you start?

Question asked by Ian Woodward on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by Steve Calvert

- When do you up revision an assembly file?

Lets take this scenario. You have a plate which is used in over 350 assemblies. You have added an extra hole onto this part (to allow clearance for something that was catching on the assembly) meaning the part has changed revision. This means all current assembly drawings are showing the old revision of the part. This plate is clearly visible on the assembly drawings. Do you change the revision of each assembly and re-save the drawings?


This is something I'm really struggling to get my head around because you could go on forever. Lets say the assembly from above was used inside another assembly, do you change the revision of that as well? Solidworks WPDM will try to make you change the revision when you check these back in.


It feels like the more I learn about data management the more I don't know!!!!