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Saving part files

Discussion created by todd raymond bradley on Oct 26, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2007 by John Burrill
When i add a configuration to a design table, it tells me itgenerates a new config in the design table. When i close the part,it asks if i want to save, and i have been told to NOT SAVE at thatpoint and just close the part. The problem is that even when i dothis, the next time i go into the part to add a new config to thetable, it shows the new configuration of the part I just createdduring the last design table config, and when i look at theproperties of the part, it has my name under last saved. It doesn'tseem to effect any of the assemblies when they are opened, but myboss has a major fit saying i had saved the part when i know ihadn't. Please help, this is causing major friction at the office.