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    Vault view is really slow

    Eric Andersen

      How long should it take to access your vault view? Right now, when I select the the vault view in Windows Explorer, it takes about ten seconds for the login screen to come up and another 30 seconds for the vault view to display after logging in. The vault only has one folder and one part in it right now, so this seems like an unnecessarily long time. Is there a way to speed this up?


      My workstation specs:

      Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70 GHz (quad core)

      16GB RAM

      AMD FirePro W5000

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          Charley Saint

          If you go to command prompt and ping the server how long does it take?


          Alternatively install the add-in in this Solution from the knowledgebase:  S-069274

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            Marvin Stettner



            when i installed epdm at the first time, i set the user directly in epdm.

            After few days we swichted to use the AD Login to acces the vault.

            Now i have the same problem, that the vault is a little bit slower than before.


            We created a new AD Group and set this one only for epdm. Now it is a little bit better, but for me not enough.

            Our IT department can't do something more... Of sure, the main AD Server is the Problem.


            Maybe it's a solution for you (?).



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                Eric Andersen

                We're using PDM login rather than AD, though I think I'd like to use AD in the long run.

                If I ping the server continuously (using "ping [server name] -t" in the command prompt), I don't see the issue.

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                    Sam Sam

                    See: Administration\"Vault"\Users (not user - all users! )\ Settings\ Explorer\ check View all files...

                    Also see: All Users\ Menu\ click on file; Adding files and Programs for viewing.

                    See on all vaults on server.

                    For me this fixed problem.

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                        Eric Andersen

                        Unfortunately, those were already checked.

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                            Sam Sam

                            Possible reasons (from personal experience):

                            Tables BroadcastEvent and DocumentActionInfo on SQL server have data.

                            The SQL server has the connected servers which don't work.

                            Antivirus \ firewall not are settings (ports 3030,1433,433 and exceptions parts and files).

                            All *.exe files (EDrawing, SolidWork, PDM, ...) not are the setings to carry out on behalf of administrator.

                            Defender WINDOWS is not off by means of a command line.

                            Domen users - not have full access to folders of all connected programs on clients.

                            Many deleted files in vaults.

                            Problems with settings for sharing work with Toolbox.

                            Incorrectly working tasks (including export / import)

                            Dispatch, Add-ins, not registered dll., group politicians and there are a lot of others.


                            Sorry, if helps nothing - but at me the similar problem was solved - (I can't unambiguously tell as it turned out, and to give guarantees that something from the listed will help with your case). I wish you good luck.