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How long should it take to import a step file into SW 2015

Question asked by Jim Moses on Feb 5, 2016
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Hi all,


I have plant data from a customer to import, the file was originally AutoCAD 3d that a coworker converted to a step using Delmia as the 3d AutoCAD when converted straight to Solidworks placed some of the walls and beams in one location and the other a mile away, when I check it out in DWG viewer its all in 1 location, hence I wanted to see it the converted file would come in correctly.


The step file is 278,524 KB


I started the conversion yesterday about 11:00 EST and its still going, I check my task manage under Processes and its slowly churning about 100K every 30 seconds, the folder where the file is located does list a error log, when I double click it it comes up with the following:


WARNING: Surface problem...Data is out of the modeler's bounding box [-500m, 500m].

Error: Failed to process trimmed surfaces.
STEP-in did not complete successfully.


the first line is repeated a few hundred times


is this still working or do I kill it?


I have in the past converted large plant files in the past, but this seems to be talking a very long time.