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    How long should it take to import a step file into SW 2015

    Jim Moses

      Hi all,


      I have plant data from a customer to import, the file was originally AutoCAD 3d that a coworker converted to a step using Delmia as the 3d AutoCAD when converted straight to Solidworks placed some of the walls and beams in one location and the other a mile away, when I check it out in DWG viewer its all in 1 location, hence I wanted to see it the converted file would come in correctly.


      The step file is 278,524 KB


      I started the conversion yesterday about 11:00 EST and its still going, I check my task manage under Processes and its slowly churning about 100K every 30 seconds, the folder where the file is located does list a error log, when I double click it it comes up with the following:


      WARNING: Surface problem...Data is out of the modeler's bounding box [-500m, 500m].

      Error: Failed to process trimmed surfaces.
      STEP-in did not complete successfully.


      the first line is repeated a few hundred times


      is this still working or do I kill it?


      I have in the past converted large plant files in the past, but this seems to be talking a very long time.



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          Fin Jackson

          Hi Jim,


          The first line is in reference to the working area of a SolidWorks work environment, you have a 1km^3 volume to work in, so anything that is further than 500m away from the origin will not import.


          If you have imported larger file size in the past I suspect that when it was originally modeled in AutoCAD it was done so more than 500m from the origin.


          I would suggest ending the import and try locating the part in AutoCAD more central to the origin.



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            Jack Blake

            Hello Jim,

            I had a bug in 2016 SP1.0 where importing step assemblies i would wrongly get the error that it is larger than 1km part, upgrading to 2016 SP2.0 EV fixed that for me this could also be an issue if you know your part is within 500m of the origin

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              Jim Moses



              Yeah not sure how much stuff is away from the origin as the original autocad version once converted had half the items in 1 location and the other a mile away and the origin was not near either of them, like postage stamp viewwhen you viewed all.


              It ran for about 20 hours and then stalled out at 20011520k worth of memory, and I had some other tasks to get done, may leave it this weekend and see what happens if anything


              Thanks for the responses,