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    I can't add flat pattern to drawing

    Ke Zhang

      I create a sheet metal part, but when I start make drawing, I won't be able to add the flat pattern in it, then I went back to part, and in config manager, under default there is not flat pattern in that tree. what should I do?

      also when I creating the drawing, after I drag a view to the template, usually I'll be given the project view when move mouse to side / top, but after I upgrade to 2016, I can only add 1 view at a time, or manually select project view from the view I dragged.


      please help me out



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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi, can you please post some screenshots of this behaviour? I just created a simple sheet metal part in 2016, and when I click Make drawing from Part, I can see the Flat pattern view in the View Palette, see below:



          As for auto projected views, please ensure when you drag a view from the View Palette, that you have the option Auto-start projected view turned on:




          Kind regards,


          Prasad Bhonsule