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Embedd eDrawings2008 assembly into PowerPoint

Question asked by John Bjerke on Oct 26, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2009 by John Layne
I am trying to get a .easm file embedded into a power pointpresentation. I was able to get it to work fine on my computerwhich was using eDrawings 2007. I sent the presentation and .easmfile to co-workers who did not have edrawings installed. they theninstalled the 2008 version and the power point presentation did notwork. We tried to add an edrawing into a new presentation but itdid not work. I then installed 2008 edrawings on my computer andtried to embedd an assembly, but it does not work. Now I am notable to insert the object using 2007 since i upgraded to 2008.

Has anyone else see this problem or been able to embed 2008edrawings into power point ?

Can I downgrade to 2007?

We are all using edrawings basic 2008 and powerpoint 2003.