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Combining of comined bodies

Question asked by Alex Hilgenberg on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Alex Hilgenberg

Hey gays, I just started to work with SW, so maybe there is more elegant solution for my problem as I believe.


Problem: I designed a part which will be suitable for 3D Printing


I like to make a atomic structure of a diamond, but only inside of a determined volume.


First, I did one element of a structure (elementary cell) and did linear pattern into 3 dimension --> worked good


the disadvantage is of that method was that I had a lots of bodies. So I used feature "combine" in order to turn them into one body.


Now, in need to "cut out" a specific contour out of my diamond structure,


My idea was to use combine again --> first making a contour, which I would extrude as solid body

and afterwards I would like to use combine again (extruded body + diamond structure) using the option "add". So only at volume elements where both (structure and extruded body) exists I would get new body, which will be a structure cut into that extruded body.


Unfortunately, that does not work, once I combined the structure, I cannot make further combinations with already combined body.


How can get around this problem?


PS: for some reason the file is 32 MB, so I attached a screen shot.