Long Rebuild Times SW2007

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 15, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2007 by Jeffrey Lesica
In the part files that you suspect are giving you the long rebuild times. Go to Tools > Feature Statistics. See attached images.

What were the specs on the old computer you had? What was the previous version of SolidWorks you used? Do you have any add-ins running?


Anna Wood
SW06 SP5 x64, WinXP x64
Dell Precision 380, Pentium D940, 4 Gigs RAM, FX3450
WD Raptors, 1 Gb network connection

on 2006 17 16:03 Jeff Moon wrote:
> It is a new computer, running SW2007 SP1.1. Some of the components in the assembly
> pre-date SW2007, they are being pulled in from another location on the LAN.
> The design was created under SW2007. The number of components and complexity of the
> assembly doesn't seem sufficient to create long rebuild times. Maybe I'm just
> impatient.
> Is there a way to find the components in an assembly that are causing the reduced
> performance? The Assembly Statistics feature doesn't tell me much.