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excel hyperlink to drawings non functional after Solidworks 2016 upgrade.

Question asked by Daniel McCory on Feb 5, 2016

We have ran into an issue where a list of drawings links within an excel database was functioning normally until we upgraded to Solidworks 2016.  Our drafting department uses Solidworks to model, but all other users use eDrawings 2016 to view the production drawings.


If a user opens an older drawing modeled with Solidworks 2015, edrawings opens the drawing just fine.  If one of our draftmens open the same drawing, save and then closes the file, when the user goes to open it again there is a UNSUPPORTED FILE TYPE box that appears.


This has become very problematic with every revision to our parts drawings.  Any assistance is appreciated.


Update: After further investigating, under File ---> Recent Documents: All items listed as Unsupported File Type show up in this listed as coming from the users %temp% directory with the starting letters as EMO****.SLDDRW


Update (2/11/16): The files in question were scanned with a online file extension scanner and reported the following:

Saved in SW2014

File Name: C-39018.SLDDRW

File Size: 1.18MB

File Type: SolidWorks Drawing

MIME Type: application/

File Type: XLS

MIME Type: application/

Hyperlinks Changed: No

Presentation Target: A

Code Page: Unicode (UTF-8)

Comp Obj User Type Len: 26

Comp Obj User Type: Microsoft Excel Worksheet


Opened and Saved in Solidworks 2016


Rescanned the File

File Name C-39018.SLDDRW

File Size: 221.71KB

File Type: Unknown

MIME Type: application/octet-stream