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Must open drawing resolved to get BOM to update?

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Feb 4, 2016

Hey all, we are running SW 2015 sp5, and EPDM 2015 sp5, and we are noticing if a drawing passes through our release process and is assigned a rev the "REV" column in the BOM is not updating in the draft unless the drawing is opened in the "Resolved" mode.  Here is an example:

OddRev1.pngThis is the BOM if it's opened in lightweight, large assembly, or quick view modes.

OddRev2.pngThis is the same BOM if it's opened in resolved mode.

OddRev3.pngThis is the setting...


Does everyone experience this?  This seems like a big flaw in the data management - shouldn't this stuff open the same regardless of what mode the system is in?  It introduces a lot of human error into what is supposed to be a tightly controlled system.  Is there a setting we can use to force this behavior?