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    How to make volume dependent length of extrusion?

    Danny Danny

      Hello there! I'm new to this forum and looking forward to future visits! Nice to be part of it.


      I have a question about something I want to achieve. I'm not quite sure how to do this:


      I have a design which needs to have a certain volume of air in it. The volume of air is inside a shaft, which I made with an extrusion and shell feature.

      As I will be placing parts inside the cilindrical assembly and the volume of air, I want to make the extruded length of the shaft dependent on the detected volume, so that the volume keeps staying the same set amount and only the shaft length changes.


      Could anyone help me achieving this?


      I have been looking at a video in which someone uses design tables to make configurations of extrusion lengths. Unfortunately, in that situation, the volume is dependent on the shaft length (or extrusion length), and not the other way around. (SOLIDWORKS – Assembly Volume Study - YouTube)


      Much appreciated!


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          Anton Miller

          Equations would do this fairly simply if it is just a single feature.  multiple features gets tricky.


          Basically what you would do is set up a few global variables, I would call one Volume and enter the desired volume you require.  then call another something like Area and use what ever mathematical equation it would take to get the area (use the solidworks dimensions).  for instance if it is a square/rectangle I would just take the 2 dimensions that make that and multiply them together.  Now the 3rd global variable would be the extruded length, this is where you would take your desired volume divided by your area.  once you have these set up you then link your extruded length dimension on the model to the extruded length global variable (type "=extruded length"  in the dimension box)