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IRenderMaterials: Not able to access for part models and components with component level textures.

Question asked by Jim Bacon on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Jim Bacon

If the root component is an assembly, the IRenderMaterial interface works great for entities that are faces, body features, bodies, and parts.  I’m struggling with the following situations and hope to get advice:

  1. IRenderMaterial doesn’t work with part models.  It fails if the root component is a part.  A way around that is to put the part into an assembly and convert the new assembly.
  2. In an assembly model, any root level component textures are ignored.  The render materials count is always zero for the root component even when a texture is added and the count should be one.  A way around this is the embedded the assembly into another assembly.  Then the count is correct at one for the new subassembly.
  3. For #2, there is an additional problem that the entity pointer for this textured assembly component is always null.  The render materials and entity count is correct, but the entity can’t be accessed.


Any help with these three issues is appreciated.  Or if these problems can be verified, I’d appreciate the confirmation.