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Corrupt file: "Error loading document. There's a null reference in DecalDataModel. Please fix the code that put it there."

Question asked by Andreas Olofsson on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Andreas Olofsson

So I was working on trying to place decals on my model (horrifically slow and painful experience, Viz decals need much more love from devs) and when I'd finally at last placed my final decal I saved out the project. When it had finished saving I noticed that all my decals disappeared from the viewport, but they were still in my appearance list. Figured a restart of Viz might fix it. WRONG. Now I get this message:

This happaned at the final stage of a project for a new client. I'd assured them that Viz was the better choice over PV360. Apparently I was wrong. What now? How am I to "fix the code that put it there"?



Sidenote: how about a reset ratio button for the decal's width and height? After I've set it to project from an ortho camera it resizes the decal non-uniformly and there's no way of getting the ratio back unless I wrote down the values before projecting.