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    Driving model dimension from an on-screen annotation

    Mark Biasotti

      I have a model that I've built for my client and I would like him to play with 3 critical dimensions for the model to enable him to understand form-follows-function tradeoffs?


      I want him to be able to click on values and be able to change the model. Can this be done by having an annotation visible in the viewport and have as they change 3 values the model updates?


      I've tried design table, Sensor, and global variables, but can't seem to get any of these to work the way I describe above.


      thanks in advance.



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          Kevin Chandler



          One thought: link the dimensions to properties and then use Property Tab Builder to construct a custom template restricted to these three variables.

          It would be a simple and uncluttered interface for them.


          Perhaps Builder, in combination with Manage Equations, can be used to restrict data to within certain ranges/values, if that's required.


          The properties can be configuration specific, too, again, if required or beneficial.


          Include the Builder template with your other SW data.

          All they need to do is look in File Locations for the template path and place the template file in that spot.


          If you wish to travel this route and require further assistance, please let me know.






          Edit: The template file, if correctly designed for the situation, doesn't require further intervention on the client's part.

          Subsequent SW data transfers are model data only.


          Plus, with you having the same template, you're both on the same interface when conferencing.

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            Ed Cyganik

            A simple method I have used in the past is as follows:


            Open model, then, under Annotations: "Show Feature Dimensions"

            Under the Heads Up Menu: "Hide/Show Items"; "View All Annotations"

            Select & Hide all dimensions that are not required

            Save & Close


            When a customer opens the file, only the key dimensions will be displayed.

            If some simple instructions are necessary, use a "Comment".

            ...of course, if comments are used, the end user would have to be instructed on how to identify them.

               ...It would be nice to be able to save any document with "Comments" displayed.