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    Annoying Problem with EPDM Task Pane

    Jim Sculley

      Since installing SW2016, I have repeatedly had a problem with the EPDM task pane.  It will get into a mode where when I select something, it immediately deselects itself.  If I have a single model open, and I click on it in the task pane, it will highlight and then unhighlight, preventing me from performing any EPDM related tasks.  If I turn off the EPDM add-in and then turn it back on, the problem goes away.


      Is anyone else having this problem?

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Jim, I realise it's quite a while since this post was created .


          I haven't noticed this with PDM 2016, I can click on a file and it remains highlighted until I click somewhere else. Do you have a screenshot or video you could post?





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              Jim Sculley

              I finally figured out the cause of this problem today.  In the EPDM options window is the following option:


              On my machine, it was set to 'Always' and that is when the problem would occur.  If I set it to 'Prompt' and then select my model in the EPDM tree, the following appears:


              Selecting 'Yes' will cause the problem behavior (the file becomes unselected), selecting 'No' will not cause the problem.  Setting the option to 'Never' seems to fix the problem entirely.  I found SPR 609139 which seems to describe the same issue.