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Link a 3D PDF to another 3D PDF

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by Alessandro Tornincasa


one customer asked me a question about MBD 3D PDF's.

He was looking at an assembly 3D PDF with a BOM when he asked me whether there would be a way to click on an item of the BOM and open the 3D PDF of that part.


This way he would make workshop people's life easier when looking for published 3D PDF's of parts belonging to that assembly.


This customer has SOLIDWORKS Composer, therefore he might have seen this functionality in Composer where it's pretty easy to accomplish this by putting hyperlinks inside the document.


I'm not a PDF expert, but I fear you might need to be a programmer to do this. I've only found this resource speaking about linking a 3D PDF to another 3D PDF:


Link Tool in 3D PDF - possible? | Adobe Community


Any ideas ?