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Can you hide transitions per file path?

Question asked by Eddie Pellegrin on Feb 3, 2016

We have 3 different folders in SolidWorks EPDM that we store parts and drawings in. Let's call them (Folder A, Folder B, & Folder C) They are top level in the EPDM. When files are approved in each of these folders, we want a .pdf created in a folder we call (PDF's for Folder A, PDF's for Folder B, & PDF's for Folder C) that are in a top level folder just called (PDF's) So we have 3 transitions set up for the final approval of files, (Approve Folder A, Approve Folder B,& Approve Folder C) Each of these transitions have conditions that state (Filepath -> Text = to /Folder A /%) B & C. This works, when you click to do a transaction in the wrong folder, it says conditions are not met, however, is there any other way to do this where the other transitions do not show up on the right-click menu at all if you are in the wrong folder?