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EPDM - How to display different drawing Title on different sheets, using drawing data card?

Question asked by Chris B. on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by Chris B.

We are learning how to manage multiple configurations on multiple drawing sheets and could use your help!


We have parts with 3 configurations.  And a drawing with 3 sheets - one for every configuration.

The drawing's data card has a different "Title" variable for each sheet.

But so far only the title in the @ tab shows up on every sheet.


Have tried linking that variable to this property every way possible


Does anybody know how to get the different sheet variables from the drawing data card to show up on each sheet?


Different Sheets Different Drawing Titles.png




As a workaround, we've put the "Title" variable as a Configuration Specific custom property in the part file, and linked to that.

But the method above would be more desirable.  Is it possible?