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SW Hangs

Discussion created by Chuck Hake on Oct 25, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2007 by Matt Lombard

Hoping someone can provide a little direction to a bigproblem.  My son attends a vocational/technical high school inDenver Colorado.  They are using SW2008 educational edition onnew Dell Optiplex 745's with ATI Radeon X1300Pro video cards.

Unfortunately, they also operate their network using Novellnetworking (I don't know much about more about the network).


Apparently all the students are experiencing frequent SWsoftware "hangs" that require killing SW from the taskmanager.  I know that the video card is not certified and thatNovell networks are not recommended by SW but given the schoolspolicies, these things can not be changed. 


I am looking for some possible solutions beyond what we will tryin the next few days.  I plan to have a user "borrow' alicense using the LM license software to  try running SWtotally disconnected from the network.


I also am going to ask them to upgrade the video driver to thelatest one available from ATI (driver 8.421) instead of the currentdriver 8.263.


Any more ideas on how to diagnose the Solidworks hangs? Are there any log files that are generated during a SW session thatI can view to diagnose the problem?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated