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Issues in routing SW 2016 SP1.0 (big time)

Question asked by Mladen Pavlovic on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by Mladen Pavlovic

Hi all.


I am not doing major routing modeling some time now, so i failed to notice issues with routing add-in in SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0. My drafters alerted me today about this and i have trouble understanding how it could go this bad with new version. I will explain the issue with 10 images what is happening and will attach files for someone to try and see if this is happening the same way on their computers. This is common for all 4 machines in my office.


I have created a small part out of typical piping flange. And will insert two instances and connect them with pipe


Image 01 - showing part i created.



Image 02 - adding one more instance to connect. spacing them randomly apart.



Image 03 - starting a route (all normal so far)



Image 04 - connecting two parts. all good at this point



Image 05 - as parts were not fixed i grab one and move it.



Image 06 - boom. at rebuild i get this message. This message usually appeared when you would add mates to routing parts within route assembly. i am in my main assembly at this point.



Image 07 - i hit YES and this is what i get.



Image 08 - edit the route to see what is going on, and.... this is crazy. in 2015 changes like these were flawlessly taken care of. Imagine having multiple routes attached to this part. All of them will be broken at some point.



Image 09 - i go back couple of steps and say NO to the dialog



Image 10 - but result is the same.







This is a HUGE step back for routing add-in. I made a rookie mistake of upgrading early to newer SW version, when i knew that it had issued as it was... this creates a lot of headaches if you are trying to change the position of certain parts. I will talk to my VAR now and see what the heck they are saying.



Is anyone have the same issues? i strongly suggest you do not upgrade to ver 2016 yet...


also attached ZIP of the example assembly and parts.