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Weldment or assembly for configuration

Question asked by Pieter Le Roux on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by Pieter Le Roux

I am trying to build a configurable weldment consisting of flanges at both ends and a pipe section in between. In some instances there would also be one or more reducers in this weldment.

I have made design table driven parts to draw the flanges and reducers, so that I can select the proper flange size for the inlet and outlet side and also the reducers.

Pipe sections will be configured as structural members.


Question is: Do I build the completed section as a Weldment or Assembly?

I have tried to do it as a weldment, but I can not easily configure my flanges or reducers once I have inserted them into the weldment.

Overall dimensions will be defined in the assembly or weldment, and not the parts drawing and should idealy be design table driven.


How would you suggest this problem be approached?

I am running solidworks 2010 Standard.