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pattern driven component in part

Question asked by Rik Harberink on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Bjorn Hulman

We put PEM nuts&studs in our sheetmetal plates.


By now we have the plate as a part, the PEM nuts as parts and all together assembled in an assembly.

I put the nuts in the assy with the pattern-driven component using the holes created with a hole-wizard (part-level)


But because the nuts are pressed in the plate, this forms a solid/single part (like a weldment)

So I thought that this would also be good if drawn as a multi-body part (or weldment).

When placing the nuts, I constrain one nut and want to use de hole-wizard sketch and sketch-pattern to put the others in.

But then 1 nut to much will be placed (at the original hole)

Is their a way to use the pattern driven way, like in an assy?


I know a work-around is to delete the extra body... But it would be nice if it worked like the pattern-driven way.