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Weldment cutlist quantity different than weldment

Question asked by Lee Campbell on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Lee Campbell

Say I have a weldment composed of 6 parts. I create a drawing for this weldment but I want the quantity to be 12 in the cutlist table. I cannot edit the cell by double clicking. I cannot edit the weldment properties because it reverts back to "QUANTITY@@@Cut-List-Item13@Canopy Structure.SLDPRT". How can I manually change the quantity value in weldment cut list tables?


The real issue is I have two HSS 6x4x0.25 tubes that require caps, but they are slightly different due to one cap being used on a slight angle cut and the other cap on a straight cut. This gives me (8) straight cut caps (6x4x0.5) and (6) angle cut caps (6.06x4x0.5) even though in reality there will be (14) caps fabricated using the same template.