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How to use SW flow simulation to model hydraulic valve only with inlet & outlet pressure

Question asked by T. D. on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by T. D.

Hi everybody,


I'm currently working on CFD modelling on hydraulic valve using Solidworks Flow Simulation. Under the valve closed position, the only two known are the inlet pressure decay from 2000 to 500 psi and the outlet pressure which is close to 0 psi.


There is a required leakage under this closed valve condition, so I need to see the volume flow rate at the outlets to compare with experimental data.


I do not have much enough experience using SW, Could anyone help me? Can I simulate the input pressure decay with time (because the experimental pressure decay data was collected correspond with certain time)? How can I set up to see outlet volume flow rate (such as GG or SG and results set up)?


Thank you very much!