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Using a variable pattern to pattern bodies along a curved surface.

Question asked by Benjamin Ward-Cherrier on Feb 1, 2016


I have a hemispherical rubber part with pins on its inside surface which I modeled using a variable pattern (attached).

First off, I have to mirror all the pins, as the rotation angle I set as a variable doesn't seem to do a full 360 angle, instead it goes to 180 and then comes back round the other way. Any way to avoid this?

The main issue though is that I'm now looking to create a plastic "core" within the pins, ie a cylinder of plastic (with diameter 1/2 that of the pin) running through the middle of each pin.

The pins already have plastic tips, which I created with a surface split. Creating the cores is a bit more tricky though, since variable pattern doesn't allow me to pattern features not attached to the main body and the cores have to be kept as separate parts so they get 3d-printed in the right material.

Any ideas?